Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is the first of two pieces that we did in Media Class, the first was done in watercolor. Not exactly my favorite media, its so unforgiving. I finally got what I wanted on the second try. But you soon get the hang of it, the subject matter is on "Dictators". I have been wanting to do this subject matter for awhile, I just love history and its politics. This guy is the Infamous Idi Amin of Uganda, he is the dictator that the actor,Forest Whitaker portrays in the film "King of Scotland".

My first Gouache piece, it was interesting and pretty, I might just wanna do it again. I went for more of a vector look, didn't feel like going into too much detail with the gouache, perhaps with oil. This dictator is Francisco Franco from Spain who was in power since 1939 till 1975.