Sunday, January 31, 2010

N.C. fire
Hey, new sketchbook piece I did from being here in North Carolina which is an remarkable state with some truly remarkable people that have really open my eyes in how kind people can be as well as how cruel humanity can be to each other. Its been far.
What a Family...

This is one piece that I debated in putting on my blog, but I really felt it was able to tell the story without using so many words to explain in what has been going on here in North Carolina. I enjoy the occassional drama in my life, but this is one I never wanted to play with. And it's one that may never be fixed...and because we all have to go our own ways, no one has seem to realize that their will be one life who will never understand this and will be greatly effected in a negative way. Cause some people aren't able to put there ego and emotions well as they never ending lies. I will always love my daughter even if your mother doesn't want me too.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Napo is me...

I was bored in Barnes n Noble and was able to draw out some demons that I have been keeping in me. Would have kept drawing more, but I ran out on my page. So I'm planning in painting some these demons that won't go away on wooden panals. I finally got my shippment of acrylics so now its time to get busy!