Friday, November 5, 2010

Another day

Another piece while I was in the "Great Land of South Korea", it had been a long long long while since I had done any sort of figure study. And with some hesitation I decided it was best to get back on the horse and draw again.


Due to unhappy people in the "Ringling Community" for me using a photo I found on Google and attempting to simply draw a harmless "Figure study" while being homeless in South Korea... as well as not sourcing the photo from a "Fellow Ringlingian", which I had no idea it was her's since I mostly use porn sites as my photo media. After much debate with a friend from Ringling (John Suarez). I decide to source the photographer who took picture, even though I was called a thief.

-The photo was taken by a talented loving women by the name of Kayla Gibson

-And man who showed me a better path in being kind to our fellow man or woman, John Suarez